Coming Q2 2023

Olivia is getting ready to serve all crew members!

Everything candidates, and managers love about Olivia will soon be available for Owner Operator's employees, too. With Olivia, crew members have an assistant, and managers have an easy way to communicate and check in with employees, all within the McHire platform.

$300/year per location

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Answer questions anytime, 24/7.

Employees will now be visible in the McHire system, providing an easy way to proactively communicate with employees on a regular basis. Enable employees to get immediate answers to questions, freeing up managers to focus more on finding, training and developing talent.

Improve employee retention.

Quick, regular check-ins will allow Owner Operators to keep a pulse on their workforce through ratings and surveys. Reporting at the restaurant and Owner Operator level will provide insight into the platform and sentiment analysis on team check-ins.

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