The candidate-centric hiring software built specifically for McDonald’s Restaurant Owners.

Meet Your New Assistant

Olivia is the AI recruiting assistant in every restaurant location. Olivia helps answer questions, coordinate interviews and share information during recruitment and onboarding at McDonald's restaurants.

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Capture Candidates Faster

Olivia captures candidates in real-time through text message or on the McDonald's career site, screening candidates and alerting you when new candidates apply.

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Automate Interview Scheduling

Let Olivia manage the time consuming task of scheduling qualified candidates for interviews. She'll even send reminders, helping improve candidates show rates.

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Time Savings for Hiring Managers

Olivia manages the administrative tasks of the hiring process, allowing more time on the important work: restaurant operations, customers, and employees.

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24/7 Candidate & Hiring Manager Assistance

Working for you 24/7, Olivia is available to provide questions on over 500 topics for candidates and hiring managers so everyone has the information they need, right when they need it. Plus, a dedicated Owner/Operator phone number to reach your McDonald’s support team.

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Integrations You Can Trust

McHire has seamless and secure integrations that you can count on. McHire currently integrates with eRestaurant, Synergi (WOTC) and LawLogix (I-9). More integrations coming soon, including: ADP, Trust, Paychex RTI and Optimize Hire (Assessment).

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Speed Matters

Hiring faster than your competitors is a competitive advantage for your business. Olivia delivers automation and efficiency in the hiring process, helping you hire better talent, faster.

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The average candidate receives an interview request 3 minutes after they apply.

The average candidate spends only 4.6 days from the time they apply until they are hired.

McHire is Driving Hiring Results for McDonalds Restaurants

of Candidates Captured

of Interviews Completed

Positive Candidate Experience

What are Owner / Operators Saying About McHire?

"This is so much better than what we are used to!"

Restaurant Hiring Manager

"It's really challenging for our people, like my manager and hiring managers, because there's a million things going on. It's like they have their personal assistant, Olivia. She takes a huge amount of weight off their plate so they can focus on other things."

Raquel Ruiz
Owner / Operator

"I love this technology. Now we can match up the experience of being on Instagram, Snap, or Facebook and give them the same feel and look through their application process."

McDonald's Corporate Staff

"McHire allows us to take a lot of the work out of the hands of our managers and saves us real dollars in the restaurants, and allowing us to zero in on the right candidates to hire and retain for a long-term basis."

Raquel Ruiz
Owner / Operator

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